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Bushmeat and Roadkill 

      walk into a bar

Toasting with sour bourbon they savor

      the burn and belly fire 

      which lights up their

      dwindling eyes

      then slam

      their bar glasses 

      down for another one

Roadkill plays Rampage on the jukebox

      she splinters a pool cue

      picking her teeth

      with the shards

Bushmeat runs his tongue through

      the card reader

      gumming up the works

Carnage shows up

      by way of his truck 

      through the front window

      taking out the juke box

The three of them meet outside

      and get lost in the

      echoes of the moon

      in the gasoline pools

      forming on the asphalt

      from the truck’s shattered gas tank 

Bushmeat gets it into his head to howl

      so they each do that for a bit

Carnage is antsy so he 

      rummages in his truck for his 45s

      lights the gasoline on fire

      and sets up to pick off

      the patrons as they

      flame out the doors

Roadkill muses that this scene

      is over for her

      and she could do

      with a tongue down her throat

So she takes Bushmeat

      into the jungle 

      for a fuck fest

There she is 


            by his eyes


            by the flicking reflections of the fire


            by the green and gold

            filtered through the fading foliage

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