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Step into the evocative world of "The Human Equation," a mesmerizing book of poetry that traces the interconnectedness of our lives through the eloquent words of author Bob Gossom. With his humor and wit, ordinary moments become extraordinary. Discover the beauty and complexity inherent in every encounter, whether with a neighbor, spouse, daughter, or the stranger encountered in the most unexpected places. His words create a shared recognition of the universal human equation.

First edition copies also available here!

From Judy Y:

"I took The Human Equation  home to share.  My granddaughters, ages 19 and 21 were staying with me for a week.  That night at the dinner table, the four of us (my husband, myself and my two granddaughters) had a poetry reading from your book.  They each chose a poem to read.  My husband, who had climbed it, chose your poem, Half Dome.  :)  The surprising thing came after reading your poems.  My granddaughters got out their phones and read poetry that they had written or poems they loved that they keep on their phones.  It was so special.


Thanks for helping to create this family moment."

This is a dream response for any poet! Thank you for sharing it, Judy.

- Bob Gossom

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