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Note: This poem was written shortly before the birth of my oldest daughter



What's true

in this warm and rowing

cave I move

I see quite far despite

    the darkness

The light I feel is 

                    strange to this tightness

and constriction growing

                                                in me 

I moved once so freely

all around danced and wound

and close, too; close I was

until now those times

seem so distant as I move

in this warm bay


               There is life –

                                           All around me I feel it

                                           I see the sparks and

                                           the glow

that soon, that inside me, that . . .


                There are times

                when I dream

                of air surrounding me

                and I laugh

                with my heart 

                and the ones I love

                I touch

               and know I'm loving


Each day I live

I learn to wait

To wait alone

                          with this life

                          all around me

So distant

           in this warm way 


           in the same way


           for the one day

for the one day soon

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